Kia Kakama, Kia Ueue, Ka Kawau Maro e
Activate by sense, Agitate by inspiration, Advocate the champion spirit within

View the NZAEE Conference Handbook

View the NZAEE Research Symposium Handbook

The NZAEE 2016 Research Symposium & Conference Handbooks, with programmes and presentation abstracts, are now available. These will not be provided in a printed format at the conference!
Updated 9 February 2016

The New Zealand Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE) is proud to bring their biennial conference to Auckland in 2016 with the theme of Activate, Agitate, Advocate.

The New Zealand Association for Environmental Education is a national, non-profit organisation that promotes and supports lifelong learning and encourages behaviours that lead to sustainability for New Zealand/Aotearoa. NZAEE is an independent voice for environmental education, empowering people to respect and nurture the environment, recognising its link with the social, cultural and economic aspects of sustainability.

The conference is suitable for local government agencies, community groups, teachers, non-government agencies and youth, who want to be inspired and challenged about creating a more sustainable future.

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